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  • Ball Style Chair Glossy white with Blue Fabric
  • Ball Style Chair Glossy white with Red Fabric
  • Pavilion Ottoman-Black - 100% Aniline Leather (Aniline Leather)
  • Pavilion Ottoman-Camel - 100% Aniline Leather (Aniline Leather)
  • Pavilion Chair-Brown - Italian
  • Pavilion Chair-Chocolate - Italian
  • Pavilion Ottoman-Ivory - 100% Aniline Leather (Aniline Leather)
  • Bibendum Style Chair - Aniline Black
  • Angus LCW Plywood Chair - Walnut
  • Cantilever Chair-White - 100% Italian Leather
  • Pavilion Sofa-Black - 100% Italian Leather
  • Pavilion Ottoman-Ivory - 100% Italian Leather
  • Pavilion Ottoman-Red - 100% Italian Leather
  • Brno Style Chair-Chocolate - 100% Aniline Leather (Aniline Leather)
Designers Corner

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Midcentury Modern Furniture

Welcome To I.F.N Modern

One Stop Shop of Midcentury & Contemporary Furniture

IFN Modern specializes in retailing modern furniture that has been inspired by midcentury furniture designs. Founded in 2009, we initially focused just on modern chairs but now sell a large collection of contemporary furniture.

Designer Inspired Furniture

Most of our designs are inspired by designers such as Mies Van Der Rohe, Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia and many others that have paved the way for what we now term as designer furniture. Our website features new designers, products and interior designer reviews of the modern chairs and furniture that we carry. We will continue to carry iconic designs that have been reproduced with our own modern twist such as the Barcelona Chair Replica. In addition to carrying great products, we back it up with a price match guarantee and offer free shipping on all our items. And for those of you that need some customization to your modern chairs, we can customize any product to your liking. Midcentury furniture can be upholstered in various leather grades and most modern furniture in a variety of colors.

Interior Designer Corner

Are you an interior designer, decorator, or architect ? If you are then you must be familiar with the iconic designs of the Bauhaus movement. IFN Modern provides amazing reproductions that help you reach your design objectives without stressing your clients budgets. We are on a mission to bring together design solutions that are cutting –edge, modern classic, innovative and vintage. Sustainable living in the modern world is not an easy task and the aspect of our designers corner is for those who appreciate creative and technical designs. View our Trade section to create an account with us and obtain the full benefits of working with us.