About Us


Timeless quality, unmatched support and a shared passion for mid-century furniture. That's the IFN Difference.


Since 2009 IFN Modern has been focused on delivering superior value in the products it designs and manufactures. We cater to all those who are artistic and innovative; those who can appreciate the originality, creative materials and technical designs of the modernist movement. We only make furniture that is functional, beautiful, luxurious and durable. At IFN, we want you to have superior quality furniture, coupled with amazing designs and customization options- all at a reasonable price.

We live, eat, and breathe furniture. We love finding the next trend, the hottest fabrics, new methods of manufacturing and anything else we can use to learn and grow as a furniture company.

It’s incredibly important that we stick to our roots in the modernist movement, but it’s just as important to innovate and design new products.

We are constantly striving to obtain feedback from our customers, brainstorming as a team, monitoring styles and trends to always maintain a product selection that you cannot find elsewhere.


Our superior craftsmanship is what defines our products, we
only use the best leathers, steels, woods & other world renowned materials.

Coupled with our superior craftsmanship and design, it’s only fitting that we use the best materials to manufacture our products. While it may take time, energy and added costs to source the best materials, we do it because we want you to have furniture we would put in our own homes.


We source leathers from Europe, the finest stainless steels from Asia, certified Timber from Brazil and many other countries and materials. Most importantly, we maintain relationships with our suppliers that are about more than just costs and delivery times. You will never find a product of ours using synthetic leathers or inferior materials that will deteriorate over time. Our materials are specifically selected to be both luxurious and durable.


Our customers are incredibly important to us, so
its important we treat you like family.



We are incredibly grateful for every customer that places an order with us. Without our customers, we would not exist. Therefore, it’s important that we treat you like family. While we have policies, we are all about the customer experience. If you are a couple days past our 30 day return policy, we’ll still honor it.

We make it a point to learn from negative experiences. If we see the same item damaged twice, we test and design new packaging. After 6 years of refined service, we can state with confidence that our negative reviews are close to nonexistent.


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barcelona chair

"The furniture is exactly as described...even better in person. I saved a bunch of money with going for the reproduction! I highly recommend this company."

-Charlie Tran